Air Dropping Parachute Units


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Here we will show how to airdrop Parachute Units.

First place a regimental or brigade size airborne combat unit at the staging airbase. Make sure the unit has at least one movement point remaining and has average experience level of at least forty. The staging base should be located at or near where your transports are.

Make sure the transports you make available have a maximum load rating of at least 2000. In the picture below you can see where the load rating is indicated.

Soviet Para Drop transport load.jpg

The player may need to set 'Percent Required to Fly' lower than the standard 50%. In this example I have selected 5%. Click D to access the air doctrine screen.

Soviet Para Drop Air Doctrine.jpg

The player must make the following steps to airdrop the unit :-

  • 1 Select the airborne unit in movement mode (F1). Deselect the airbase.
  • 2 Switch to air transfer mode (F9).
  • 3 Shift-Left-Click on target hex for airdrop.
  • 4 Manually select fighter escort and transports paying attention to sorties required. Max sorties must at least equal required sorties here.

Here is the select air units screen.

Soviet Para Drop Select Aircraft.jpg

  • 5 When your ready click LAUNCH!

Your aircraft will now airdrop the unit to the chosen hex.

Soviet Para Drop Final Positions1.jpg

Here in this picture you can see that the unit is below 100% TOE. This is because some items are too large to be airdropped by the transports. Plus the airdrop was intercepted by enemy fighters.

Soviet Para Drop TOE.jpg

Here is a save game, so players can practice an airdrop before they may need to ingame. The paratroopers are located at an airbase North East of Warsaw.

Unzip the save game to :- C:\Matrix Games\Gary Grigsby's War in the East\Dat\Save folder.

File:Soviet Paratrooper Air

Here are the two sections from the manual with FULL details.

The first is from the interface section.

Conduct an air transport mission to airdrop a regimental or brigade size airborne combat 
unit from an air base unit to a target hex as follows: 
Summary: Left click to select airborne unit on air base unit while in movement mode (F1),
switch to air transport mode (F9), Shift-left click on target hex to manually select 
air group units to conduct airdrop of airborne combat unit. 
Details: There is only one method to conduct the airdrop of an airborne combat unit. 
The combat unit must begin the process in a hex stacked with a friendly air base unit. 
While in movement mode (F1), select the combat unit to be transported for airdrop. 
Immediately select air transport mode (F9). The air base unit stacked in the hex 
with the unit to be transported for airdrop becomes the staging base and will be bordered in blue.
Air base units with air group units capable of participating in the 
air transport mission will be bordered in yellow. 
Next, Shift-left click on the target hex. The ‘Pick Air Units for Mission’ window will display (5.4.29). 
Select or deselect air group units as desired and select the ‘Launch’ button to conduct the airdrop 
airborne combat unit mission. Note that the number of ‘Max Sorties’ must at least equal the number of 
‘Required Sorties’ for the air group units selected to conduct the mission as displayed in the 
‘Pick Air Units for Mission’ window. The computer does not account for possible combat and operational 
losses when figuring the number of sorties required.

Here the second is from the air missions section of the manual.

The air drop mission will be conducted only by transport air group units with aircraft that have a 
maximum load rating (5.4.18) of at least 2000. The mission can be escorted by fighter air group units. 
Regimental or brigade sized Airborne type combat units with an average experience level of at least forty 
can be air dropped into any hex vacant of enemy units within range of the transporting aircraft. 
The eligible airborne combat unit must have at least one movement point remaining and be located in the 
same hex as an air base unit, which will be used as the staging base. Any air base unit can be used as 
a staging base. Note that since only regimental or brigade sized airborne combat units can be air dropped, 
air dropped units will only convert the hex they drop in from enemy controlled to a pending friendly hex (6.3). 
When an airborne unit is airdropped, those ground elements that are not allowed to be air dropped will be 
transferred into units in or adjacent to the hex with the air base unit that the unit flew from. These 
ground elements will first be given to other airborne units, then to any other combat unit. 
If there are no eligible combat units, then the ground elements will be transferred back to the production pool. 
Any vehicles and excess supply will be transferred to the airbase unit that the airborne unit 
was stacked with prior to being air dropped.
Enemy interception of air drop missions can result in the damage or elimination of the airborne unit’s 
ground elements. Aircraft conducting the air drop mission that are aborted will return the ground elements 
they are carrying to the staging air base unit where they will be transferred per the above procedure.

Players should also read Airborne Operations.

Soviet players should also read Soviet Paratroopers.

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