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Here we will guide the player through a walkthrough of how to collect and then redistribute the many Support Units of the Soviet Army. As discussed on the Soviet Ground Tactics page, there is no one right way or wrong way to do this, just many different theories.


Admin Points

Saving Administrative Points is important. Follow these two pictures, uploaded to the forum by ComradeP:

So assigning Support Units from Stavka to a lower HQ (Front or Army) doesn't cost APs.

It costs 1 AP to build or disband a SU.

1941 Grand Campaign

The 1941 Grand Campaign begins with a large amount of support units distributed to all of the HQ Corps,Armies,Fronts and Military Districts.

We need the support units to be reallocated to the Armies. The Armies will eventually take over Command and Control of Brigades and Divisions as the HQ Corps are phased out.

General Notes

  • Build railroad brigades 3 plus per army early. Their construction workers will help attached divisions to fortify. Some players prefer not to build RR construction brigades because historically they didn't exist that early, so you can use construction battalions instead.
  • Disband weak support units such as motorcycle regiments. In particular motorcycle regiments use up a lot of trucks which are best used ferrying supplies to the front line.

Theory 1 -- collect SUs at Stavka and redistribute

Here are the steps to follow:-

  • Open the Commanders Report and select the HQ's tab.
  • Where Functions Support Level is displayed click on Support Level
  • In the pop up box enter 0 and confirm. Now ALL of the HQ's have a support level of 0.
  • Next click on STAVKA's support level of 0.
  • Enter 9 in the pop up box. This will allow STAVKA to collect up to 9 Artillery,Rocket,Mortar etc support units.

By your next turn the vast majority of support units will have moved to STAVKA. Lock any headquarters which have no support units, as shown in the SU column. There may be some support units left in Fronts like Western Front, these will flow to STAVKA over the next two turns.

NOTE: Engineer types (Sappers) and construction types (Construction Battalion and Rail Road Construction Brigades) follow different support level settings and will be given to any HQ, only LOCKED HQ's can prevent this auto transfer.

When you wish to attach support units to the Armies take STAVKA on a tour of the frontline. From North to South. Open the support unit window from STAVKA and reassign to the HQ. Doing it this way cost zero AP. On the other hand a request from the HQ to STAVKA for a support unit costs one AP, and admin points are always in short supply.

Theory 2 -- let the engine distribute appropriately.

  • In each army HQ : at least 2 Construction bns or RR Construction brigades. Also include 2-4 artillery (mix the types : guns, howitzers, mortars to hammer the opfor at different ranges).
  • Keep the scheme simple. When armament production is lavish, you will start having more sophisticated army support schemes (tank bns, sapper rgts, skis bns, etc).Lock.
  • In each front HQ : 1 RR construction bde, 1 PVO rgt. Lock.
  • Set the Stavka support level to 0. Support units are needed at the frontline, not in Moscow.

1942 Grand Campaign (or 1942, generally)

In 1942 and 1943, especially in the winter, your armies will be advancing, and in 1943/1944 the pace of that advance will be faster. Your enemy will be supply, by the end of 1943 you will either have lost the game or will have beaten the Germans in a bloody battle of attrition to the point where you can break through anywhere on the front you like, except that you won't be able to break through very far.

The further you advance, the further you get from your rail heads. The further you are from the rail heads, and the worse the weather (mud and blizzard especially), the more trucks you will need. Lend lease will send you lots of trucks, but not nearly enough unless you're conservative with them.

To be conservative with trucks you will need to:

  • Pull armoured and mechanised units back from the front when you're not using them (mud and blizzard turns in sectors were you aren't advancing).
  • Send home the support units in inactive areas of the front. Set the support level of a front and all of its attached armies to zero if you're not doing anything in that sector. Support units keep their trucks even if they aren't being used.
  • Build no separate tank regiments, or very few, and consider disbanding some of the ones you have.
  • Disband all of your motorcycle regiments. They use a lot of trucks for no significant gain.
  • Keep your NKPS units on the move, repairing vital rail lines where required, and build lots of RR construction brigades.

Also see Soviet vehicle pool management.

In terms of other support units:

  • Bigger is better. Don't build a battalion where you can build a regiment. You can attach 3 (only) support units to a corps, so make them good ones.
  • Don't build artillery regiments. You don't have a limitless supply of guns and armaments, and you will need everything you can for the artillery divisions.
  • Build lots of sapper regiments. They will be needed to bust enemy fortifications. Not battalions, regiments.
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